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Updated: Jan 6

I decided to create a footgolf event to celebrate my 40th year and it hurts 🤣

In order to share this moment with the people who keep this sport alive. 

Because in this period of my life it is this sport which drives me and which punctuates my days.

Golf D'Aix was a natural choice and thanks to the effort of the owners for this special event.

We will be lucky enough to be able to play 18 on the big course and what's more with a night game. A unique case in Europe!!

This event takes time and energy because the goal is to offer a beautiful memory to the people who will participate.

But you have to manage a course design that is playable and competitive for everyone, managing bogeys, meals, welcome pack.

This is where we understand the difficulty in organizing this when we usually arrive with the ball in our hands to play. This experience shows that organizing a tournament is not easy at all.

So a big congratulations to those who organize tournaments across the planet.

The icing on the cake will be a music video filmed on Saturday on the golf course to promote the piece concocted by the talented and my friend Osire Mc. A lot of fun planned while working professionally.

An article per hole will be published so that everyone can see the holes and understand them because no spotting on this course will be possible.

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