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Copa Atlantica Review

I was invited to take part in this first edition 2022.

I accepted directly without knowing where I was going because I have great confidence in Joao Marques. Also in the motivation of the Portuguese Footgolf Federation which is young but passionate and motivated to grow this sport.

I had won even before the final result because I spent a weekend that was sublime in every way, in terms of the course, the design and the organization of the atmosphere.

A great opportunity to continue my preparation which has just started.

And for the occasion I would never have imagined working so much before leaving there.

The course :

Honestly an exceptional setting, above average grass quality. Apparently a place where there is never wind, it is very important for the playing conditions. A hilly course, with pretty lakes and trees. A top director who wants to grow Footgolf and who has dedicated this course to our discipline. Open every day a chance for local players.

Design :

This course is for me an example of design for our sport. I have the impression that the course was designed for Footgolf. The total score over three rounds testifies to the complexity of the course where you had to fight to get some par and you even had to ensure some bogeys.

It is a great pleasure to fight against the course in order to try to finish in negative I realized -1 the first round +3 the second or I negotiated certain holes badly compared to the conditions of the morning and the last round on Sunday I hit a nice -4. I think it is important and consistent for the sport to see this kind of score at the end of the competition instead of the -28 -20.

Water jumps, placement shots to be made in order to be in a good position, well-felt hole positions where there is difficulty without killing a card the most problematic was hole 8 where the ball did not did not stay around the hole and the putt to be made was on a line that was not too good with small bumps but the hole was already going to move. Intelligent dropzones to avoid funny situations. A good left-right balance where some shots had to be done with the left and others with the right, that's what we want.

The atmosphere alongside them:

Incredible !!! Provision of a Physiotherapist to overcome physical glitches (thank you for reducing my aches).

Players happy to play regardless of their results.

I was asked to take pictures with them it was crazy

I received jerseys and markers as gifts thank you very much to all the honor was for me!

The 5 star hotel at the top of the top.

Meals at the golf course of good quality and quantity

I love this portuguese solution so smart !

The last approach to the not obvious bunker with a big lip and under the pressure of the result. A small dosed pricked roll that passes not far from elsewhere.

The victory putt applauded by the other players thank you very much for your encouragement

The award Ceremony


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