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Footgolf = Solidarity

I am fortunate to be able to share my victories with teammates in gold an incredible solidarity.

Because without them his victories would be bland. The craziest thing is the fact that they are happier for me than me, so much the pressure inhibits the result.

So we share incredible moments each time that we never get tired of.

Suddenly they push me to surpass myself to allow them to live their moments of joy so that we are happy all together. And you do not play to win only for yourself but for other people also it allows not to give up during more difficult moments during a competition.

The best part about this sport is that all the others who are opponents come to celebrate with the winner when he wins the tournament I find it magical.

What makes footgolf the fairest sport in the world?

Back in image and video on the highlights of this 2021 season

(attention emotion guaranteed)

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