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Hard to register to an Open ?

A lot of players ask me this question!

So I decided to respond with an article that will help players register on the different platforms of the different associations.

An update as you go will be made when registrations open from all over the world

Turkish Open from 04 to 06 March

in order to register you must

-download the Turkiye Futgolf app from apple store or android

-create a profile on the application

-click on the calendar at the bottom the second icon (calendar icon)

-at the top select "tournament"

-click on Titanic

-then click on "join"

Tunisian Open from April 16 to 18 and select the Tunisian open individually

Us Open from May 26th to 29th

French Open from June 23 to 26 and select the French open individually

Italian Open from July 1 to 3

not yet open


Capital cup from July 7 to 9

not yet open

The Classic in Switzerland from August 12th to 14th

not yet open

Belgian Open from August 19 to 21

not yet open

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