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Hole 10 to 18

Hole 10 par 5

Birdie is a must on this hole

Hole 11 Par 3

The drive needs to be perfect and the putt also because you can try the birdie and finish with a bogey

Hole 12 Par 4

A perfect approach will give you the opportunity to try a birdie who will be difficult to catch

Trou 13 par 3

A kind of ole where you need to fight for the par one mistake and for sure it will be a bogey

Trou 14 par 4

A non easy drive but not difficult the approach need to be good to try the birdie

Trou 15 par 5

Strenght but you will need to choose your way left or drive ?

Trou 16 par 3

Pay atttention to the drive !!!!!! Or you will need to wear a swimming pant to take your ball

Trou 17 par 4

A good drive and approach to try the birdie

Trou 18 par 5

The BATTLE !!!! Fight for the par and be careful with the double bogey or more

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