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How the 2022 rankings work

This season there will be 4 different rankings including a new one but not easy to grasp everything so I will bring you all the necessary information to understand everything.

1-The World Tour

2-The NEW World Ranking

3-The Regional Tour

4-Footgolf France league

1- The World Tour

New competition because new system It will take into account only the majors and the master

The particularity is that only the 4 best scores on the majors will be taken into account for the ranking + the master.

But also only 2 majors per region for example in Europe there will be 3 with Slovakia France and Italy so the two best scores on its three majors will be taken into account.

So the maximum score will be 5500 Points

Here is the schedule

2- The World Ranking

This is new this year because this ranking will be counted over two years.

You almost have to do Math supp!

So be careful!

This World Ranking takes into account the scores of last year 2021 and those of this season 2022.

I will give you an example later.

For this new classification will be taken into account:

-1 Master or 1500 points

-3 Majors or 3000 points

-4 FIFG 500 or 2000 points

-4 FIFG 250 or 800 points

-8 FIFG 100 or 800 points (new tournaments with more than 100 players can be upgraded to FIFG 125 or FIFG 150 depending on the number of players)

20 tournaments or 8100 points or 8500 points max if we count the fifg 100 in fifg 150

For example I won two majors in Europe (France and UK) so I can't score points this year on this ranking but my points will count for the World Tour and the Regional Tour

3-The Regional Tour

Competition unchanged same system will be taken into account:

-1 Major or 1000 points

-2 FIFG 500 or 1000 points

-3 FIFG 250 or 750 points

-4 FIFG 100 or 150 i.e. 400 or 600 points

10 competitions either 3150 points or 3350 points

4-Footgolf France league

Same 35 stage format with the 12 best scores taken into account.

Here are the tournaments I planned to participate in France

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