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Portugal Open Victory

The first day I played in the afternoon on the new course with a score of -9 which will be the best score tied with another Frenchman named Julien Grunwald.

So on Saturday morning at 7:30 am departure from hole 1 in the final flight. A difficult awakening with a bogey from the first hole and continuing with a double bogey on the second hole.

A plus 3 after two holes (-6 total) it was necessary to stop the bleeding and start the game which will come true and even beyond expectations.

Because I managed to snap a score of -12 on the day or -15 in 14 holes played because holes 8 and 14 were canceled. This demonic comeback allows me to accumulate at -21 total which places me leader of the general tournament

Sunday start online in the final flight accompanied by very good players.

The wind will be hellish making birdies extremely difficult to catch. I made the same chaotic start (+3 after two holes) placing myself in third position, 4 strokes behind the leader Geoffroy Domenech, faithful to himself in his game.

Being mentally ready I restarted the machine to get the score back and the game switched to hole 9 where I managed to collect an eagle while my opponents broke their teeth.

And I even hit the nail on the head by consecutively chaining an eagle on holes 10 and 11, playing left and right. 6 negative shots in three holes that will make the difference.

At the end of the course the Argentinian Nico Garcia will put a lot of pressure by coming back to equality with one more hole played so I had no room for error.

I managed to hold on and win this sublime victory to end the year in style, supported by Remy Hetru, who is extremely important in support.

We can say that I won the two biggest tournaments in terms of participation with the French Open (280,320 players).

But the joy of the victory was eclipsed by the fact that I finished second in the European round because at the same time the Englishman Ben Clarke managed to finish in 4th place in the tournament.

Finally, I failed at 15 points for the place of number 1 European but it is only part postponed.

See you in 2022

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