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Rankings 2021

I finished World number 2 during this 2021 campaign organized by the FIFG with great sporting moments with great victories. I managed to win from Majors an FIFG 500 an FIFG 250 an FIFG 100

The highlights of this season that will be remembered are the two majors won in a row.

Starting with the French Open that I dreamed of winning since the day I discovered Footgolf.

What's more this season it is sold out with more than 320 players on two ultra demanding and technical courses. I managed to avoid all the pitfalls and win this coveted title with 4 strokes in advance.

I succeeded in continuing with the victory over Major UK on enemy soil by being the only French to move there and to continue the work of Antonio Balestra who had already won it twice on British soil.

I finished this season in the European final in Portugal on the FIFG 500 with more than 280 players from 16 different countries. By winning this European final

Sacred memories that will remain engraved for life but room for the future now with the 2022 season fast approaching.

I also finished second on Regional Tour 3 (Europe) with 17 small points or a putt.

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