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Road To Antalya

The preparation is completed following this winter break.

It was this year shorter than usual and eventful because of the Covid that I contracted for the second time.

But the preparation took place in a particular and different way with a kind of tour like the pro clubs made of friendly competitions between Paris Portugal and Nice.

A very satisfactory record because having participated in 5 competitions I came out with 4 times the best score and the fifth being biased by the fact that I played while being positive for covid and in score also and very physically diminished.

So the results are very positive when you know that the level is rising from year to year and that it is still very difficult to win.

We are there next Thursday take off for Turkey and more precisely Antalya!

First big tournament of the season with already 216 players from 15 different countries in a 5-star complex and with a cast worthy of the biggest Hollywood productions

See video below:

And some movies and pictures of this pre-season

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