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What's your Dream ?

As a Footgolfeur and traveler we all dream of a particular destination or competition.

This trip which allows you to live a unique experience of discovering new horizons and above all other communities with other ways of living.

This increases our knowledge as a person.

Here are my dream destinations or competitions:

Starting from Mexico and the Fabulous Turtle Dunes course in Acapulco. Both in terms of the course and the country it really deserves to go there.

Still in Mexico but on the Cancun side, playing on this Riviera course by the sea and combining sport with outings during Spring Break seems ideal to me.

It is very far but the desire to go there is very strong because the golf courses are exceptional.

The Footgolfers community is really nice and the country is worth the detour with its unique flora and fauna.

A country close to my origins in which I will feel at home. The organization of the Turks is exceptional and professional like the golf courses which are at the top of the top quality level. So strongly a trip to Turkey

Sweden, a country that I visited for the holidays and that I adored on a natural level. On the Footgolf side, they are welcomed and I promised two friends to come and play with them and with them.

The country of excess where I have already been on vacation near New York. But I really want to face its atypical wide, long courses with large bunkers like the Land of Uncle Sam.

One of the strongholds of Football and World Footgolf. I have family in Argentina on the side of TUCUMAN that I would like to see at the same time as to confront the Argentines whose level is very high that would be a great challenge especially on their golf courses which are also sublime.

The land of Football ! I would really like to visit this country and play on golf courses in extraordinary places. And rub shoulders with the Brazilians.

It would be magical to visit Russia and play Footgolf in the land of the Tsars.

An incredible country and a top of the line organization. Golf courses located in film landscapes and I would like to taste local culinary specialties.

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