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It was the international objective of this season because the sponsors had provided me with the means for my ambitions. But also it was an international title with fewer tournaments to play.

The level of play is very high because all the best players from the host continents take part.

First Major the United States more precisely in Orlando, the place which will host the next 2023 World Cup.

A great first for me to go and play footgolf on this continent.

Intense heat or another course philosophy another quality of grass with breathtaking speed.

All coupled with a jet lag that is very difficult to manage.

I finished in 5th place after a play-off won against two very good players, the Mexican Mario Calderon and the American Jordan Godfrey.

Nice victory for Nico Garcia his first in Major and Ben Clarke still present with a solid second place.

A very nice experience in view of the World Cup to tame this type of course and manage jet lag.

Back in France on Wednesday it was already time to leave the next day for the second major in a row in Slovakia.

One of the best tournaments of the season in terms of organization and competition.

Lots of errors due to physical and mental fatigue from bad choices, everything was linked without being able to control. A lack of experience that will always serve for the future.

I ended up in a bland 20th place which weighed down the World Tour rankings a bit because at the same time this devil of Ben Clarke continued with a nice 3rd place despite the same movement as me, really impressive regularity at the top level.

Very nice victory for Bence Bacskai and solid second place for Josef Nemec.

The 3 rd Major of the season was at "home" in France at Golf Parc Robert Hersant.

More than 300 players again came and I was kind of under pressure because I was the 2021 title holder so the goal was to go through a second year with the World Tour rankings at the top.

Because the first two in the end led to average results knowing that I had the right to make a single mistake. Since there were 3 majors in Europe and only two will count for the final ranking.

3 solid rounds and a battle with christopher Buaillon until the last putt of the last hole where I snatch victory on the last shot.

I won the French Open for the second time, which is incredible, twice in a row, but above all it puts me back in the World Tour rankings.

As crazy as it may seem, I still have a podium and a third place so this victory over the French major my 3rd (France x2 and Uk) allows me to survive in this ranking.

The 4th Major will be on the side of Cavaso Del Tomba in Italy on the Golf club of Asolo

The last European major therefore ultra important. After the first round i was second and finally 3 fairly consistent rounds, a few small errors took away a good performance but I finished in 6th place.

What remains well considering the player board present and which makes me score points and I erase the result in Slovakia. On this tournament Ben finished in a very rare 17th place and it is worth noting the great performance of Akos Tajtyi who becomes the youngest player to win a major in the world.

The 5th stage will not be a Major but the famous Master in the Netherlands on the Golf of Brunnsummerheide involving 1500 points. The step that can change everything in one direction or the other.

I come to this competition with 293.09 points behind Ben so there is no room for error with high pressure.

First round ironically I fall into the same Flight as Ben for varying fortunes I'm an equal leader while he misses his first round which we don't wish on anyone because it's not easy to manage.

During the second round I finished second two shots behind a burning Martin Simoncic. So a good omen for this last round where most of the best players in the world have made the trip.

Last a solid start until hole 3 and a first error at hole 4 costs me a par at the players took 1 eagle and two birdies at hole 5 I miss a given birdie and I continue with a badly negotiated bogey on the hole 6.

This floating of 3 holes I do not know it yet but will be right of the podium in the end I cling because I know the importance of finishing as high as possible knowing that Ben was behind so I finished in 5th place tied synonymous with 990 points when Ben will finish tied for 13th place with 529 points.

Exceptional victory for Martin Simoncic solid second place for Jeroen Coppens and another clean podium for the great Josef Nemec

The operation is successful because I return to the top of the standings with a 168-point lead before the last Major which will take place in Argentina.

After calculation I had understood that it was necessary to finish in front of ben tied or at most two places behind Ben on the Argentine Major in order to win this battle.

At the end of my trip to Brazil for the FIFG 500 when I arrived in Argentina, I learned that we had received an email a few months earlier informing us that following the cancellation of the Major in China only the 3 best Majors would be counted. plus the Masters.

After calculation I understood that the title was already awarded in my favor because I could not be caught because ben could only score 154 points while I had 168 in advance.

It was complicated to manage because I learned about it two days before the Major and I was embarrassed for Ben for the course of the tournament.

So with Samy, my manager, we decided not to say anything and not to take that into account and to give everything so as not to have any regrets and above all to respect the game.

Because there was a Major at stake and a prize money.

A solid first round that will end with two stupid bogeys that make me finish in second place which is encouraging

Bogey on the 17

The second day I finished tied for first place with Pato Lahitou in a solid round despite a big mistake on hole 12 (double bogey).

Before the start of the last round to get into the mood, I was told that I was going to receive a penalty for holding a tree on the famous hole 12. Penalty that I accepted because it was the rules.

A perfect start to the round with a score of -4 on the first 9 holes which propelled me to the top of the major at -17 with a catchy Brian Villareal. At the same time Ben began his usual remount. At this point the machine seized up with a clean play combination without attacking the intense pressure from Brian who was accelerating.

I mis-negotiated each hole with a small error that caused me to par instead of birdie and stalled as I saw Brian take the wide Arias past as well as Ben.

I arrive at hole 18 the mass was said facing Brian who was untouchable and Arias who was two strokes ahead. So I attack hole 18 with the sole objective of making a birdie to finish 3 rd par for an epic play-off against Ben.

The wind and the nervous fatigue will get the better of me I have the putt for Par at 5 meters but in a dangerous position with the wind and the slope behind the hole so I decide not to attack it and I take my bogey.

Which makes me finish with a score of -15 to 1 shot behind ben and tied with the very good Guillermo Sandoval with whom we are going to play a Play-off which I will win so I finish 4th in the starting goal just one place behind ben two shots from a solid Arias and an imperial Villareal.

The mission is fulfilled because I validate this coveted World Tour title with this 4th place in the Argentinian Major and this devil of Ben will not have let go of anything until the end what a machine! Still disappointed with this end of course because I could and had to win this major but I mismanaged the last 9 holes that will be used for the next deadlines.

A huge thank you to Samy who allowed everyone to follow this last Major and to accompany me for 3 years through this exceptional adventure. Thank you bro

What a pleasure to reach the goal we set at the start of the season after 5 Majors across the planet and the Master in the Netherlands

The ceremony took place in freezing cold I received the tray for the second place of the WORLD TOUR 2021 and the cup for the first place of the WORLD TOUR 2022

Thank you to the Sponsors without whom nothing would have been possible

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