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You can't miss this Footgolf Open

A lot of players ask me what "THE" tournament to do this season.

The answer is crisp and clear!

The SLOVAK OPEN is for me the best tournament in its entirety I will explain why with videos and photos to support it.

To judge the quality of a tournament there are several criteria to be taken into account in no specific order.

-the organization (refreshments, livescoring, live, prize money, meals, parties .....)

-the course

-the atmosphere during the event

-the atmosphere outside the course

Regarding the organization a faultless on the part of the organizers who put us in our eyes incredible evenings with shows of dancers, fireworks, helicopter, luxury car. Also sublime hostesses of good meals an up-to-date livescoring of top supplies everything was done to be in the best conditions a high-level organization where clearly we get our money's worth and that's a pleasure.

The Course is also at the top, no unplayable hole, but with each of them you have to fight for the par and that's very good. The quality of the grass is at the top and the design is fun where you have to combine power and technique. A real challenge the scores are there to testify.

The welcome, whether at the club house or from the staff, is always optimal in the right atmosphere. The players are happy to play in these conditions so we meet serene players in a good mood it's a real celebration of Footgolf. The traditional football match is the best example of this.

Outside the course with the swiss brothers it was crazy. The city of Bratislava next to the course prolongs the fun of the day with an ideal nightlife bar restaurants nightclubs the atmosphere was incredible.

And when we move we like to be able to take advantage outside the tournament to live unforgettable moments and Bratislava is the ideal city for that.

Make way for videos and photos

That kind of reception

here is the live of Nicolas Pussini's victory

A party organized by Footgolf Slovakia

A night in Bratislava

Some pictures

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